End of year appeal

As 2022 drew to a close I am humbled by the incredible dedication and hard work of hundreds of volunteers, staff and the amazing Board at Languages of Care. In some of the darkest moments of the Russian invasion of Ukraine the thought of sitting idly by was not what any of you were willing to accept. We all went to work – to find, translate and deliver to those in need words of self care, care for others and simple hope of recovery and perseverance. From simple ideas of understanding survivor reactions as normal reactions to abnormal events to more comprehensive and sophisticated care manuals www.languagesofcare.org website continues to evolve, hosting an ever expanding library of content and attracting more and more incredible source partners. Centers for Disease Control and Preventioncrisis and risk communication tools, Vibrant Emotional Health self care content, https://www.cstsonline.orgCarey Institute for Global GoodNCTSN Training psycholgical first aid materials. 

Special thank you to our incredible partners at Respond Crisis Translation for their indelible impact on reducing suffering through promotion of understanding. The National Psychological Association of Ukraine and Valeriia Palii for helping make our work go further faster and so many others we are continuing to encounter along the way such as Health Tech Without BordersMount Sinai Health System SAVI program, Ukraine FriendsLifeLine Ukraine.orgHumannovationsAlexandra Froese and her team and so very many others. 

We know, the work needs to continue as we are expanding to other languages. We can do more as we have to do more. Please, donate https://gofund.me/7bc24f58 and help make this aspiration a reality.

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