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Normally, professional translators might take a year to translate the materials. Russian-speaking trauma psychologists, many in the U.S., created an informal network to speed up the process. Fluent Russian and Ukrainian speakers across North America and Europe do a first pass at translating documents, and professional translators fix up the rest. Fifty-three documents have been translated and sent to therapists in just a few weeks, and the group is looking to partner with larger humanitarian organizations to make the materials more widely available.


Jewish Geography Gone Wild: How An Informal Network Of Russian-speaking Jews is Helping Ukrainians

March 30, 2022

Lev Gringauz

TC Jewfolk

The importance of the work, Koyfman says, is amplified by the immediacy of impact. "We are making content available in near-real time — volunteers are working around the clock — which doubles or triples the value," he says. "To have the right documents at the right time to relieve the suffering of the person in front of you is truly invaluable." 


Found in translation: Toronto's Stacey Bolotin is helping to prepare life-saving documents for Ukrainian refugees
April 17, 2022

Tracey Tong

Toronto Star


It has been inspiring how Languages of Care has sprung up out of terrible necessity in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to become a robust platform for making critical mental health information available to an ever-growing and increasingly global community. The value of high-quality, professionally-vetted information translated into multiple languages on one integrated platform cannot be over-estimated in our world of increasing interconnectivity and constant crisis.

Grant H Brenner, MD DFAPA CEO & Founding Partner, Neighborhood Psychiatry & Wellness Crisis Emotional Care Team CECT

Vibrant Emotional Health

In my clinical experience the "lost in translation" is often associated with a lost its meaning in a cultural sense. Context is everything when it come to meaning and the smallest misunderstanding can have significant/lasting negative effects. This project is so important to bring words of healing to those in immediate need from the trauma of war.

Allan Chrisman, MD DLFAPACo-Chair, Disaster Committee NCPA

As someone who is bored to tears by anything 'psychological', I found my comfortable niche in the volunteer project Translations for Ukraine - Languages of Care by focusing on documents dealing with crisis communication and have occasionally run into some interesting stuff there.

Masha Vassilieva, LoC volunteer translator reflects on Facebook, May 2022

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