CDC Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Manual completion

We are pleased to announce completion of the full translation of the CDC’s Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Manual into Ukrainian. We hope this set of founding principles can be useful and applicable to those in Ukraine and beyond. Full listing of chapters as well as worksheets and addenda can be found here. We have mirrored the organizational structure of the CDC website to ease navigation.

Sander Koyfman on behalf of Languages of Care (

More about Languages of Care – Languages of Care is a nonprofit organization, (501(c)(3)), dedicated to overcoming barriers to access by addressing linguistic and cultural mismatches – in training, clinical and self-care materials. Currently, our primary expertise is in Ukrainian, Russian, and other European and Eastern European languages, as well as Arabic. We are expanding our proficiency to include Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole. Additionally, we have collaborated with other nonprofit organizations to translate content into languages such as Turkish and a number of others. What sets us apart is our utilization of volunteer and paid translators and editors, with a final review conducted by a bilingual practicing clinician to ensure clinical accuracy and cultural nuances for immediate usability.

Thanks to the seed funding received from the American Psychiatric Association Foundation, and our use of a Chief Medical Officer expertise (another distinguishing characteristic) we have produced translations of numerous pre-identified “off the shelf” “just in time” documents from multiple credible organizations to shorten the loop of figuring out what providers may not know they don’t know to get the right materials into the right hands quickly. All translations are immediately made available to the source organizations independent of ability to pay.

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