Morocco Earthquake

As we are learning the sad news of the enormous loss of life in Morocco we wanted to share a few translated documents that may be of some use and comfort to the relief workers and survivors – these are the documents we identified as useful in the immediate aftermath and into the recovery. 

Our team has translated many of these into Arabic or found already translated documents for immediate use following the devastating earthquake that hit Syria and Türkiye not so long ago.  As recovery progresses – we hope to continue adding even more translations to the list below. 

What can you do? 

Please support reputable organizations engaged in direct relief work on the ground – and if you believe in our mission of sharing readily available knowledge with all that may need it – please click Donate and support our work. We hope that knowledge in the right hands can make a difference. (Your help is particularly important and appreciated on this particular day – when here in the United States we mark the twenty second anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Some of the documents included below bear a mark of learning and remembrance of that particular day. By working to spare the suffering of those impacted today around the world – we may honor those that perished twenty years ago.)

Additional documents that need translator volunteers:

  • Psychological First Aid and Field Deployment Basics (41 pg.) – general introductory slide deck discussing Psychological First Aid, Skills for Psychological Recovery as well as Risk Communication Basics. A good place to start to familiarize yourself with common scope of work in disasters.

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