Below, we have assembled a list of documents we believe may be useful as a part of a “just in time” disaster preparedness and response starter content kit. Every disaster is different and we hope to evolve with the needs identified in the field. The general guiding principle is expediting and easing access to “best in class” materials – as we believe that no one should struggle to understand a caring word.


Many of the documents below are “found” documents – i.e. our team did not prepare or translate them but we believe the content may serve you and those you are assisting. If a document is such a “found” document link – it is marked with “*”


Other documents may have been translated waiting for the final clinician review. When we have high confidence in general quality – we may go ahead and include the document with the mark “^” – if you would like to serve as a final clinical reviewer, please let us know and we we’ll gladly accept the assistance!


We are continuously updating the list – and will gladly include additional resources. If the resource is only presented in English – and you know where a copy in another language can be found, please let us know and we’ll “point” to that additional content. 

CDC Crisis and Risk Communication Manual – a comprehensive guide to effective communication in disasters. [ Eng ]
Select Content from the CERC Manual (more volunteers needed to complete):
CERC 48 Hour Checklist (2 pg.) [ Ukr ]
CERC: Psychology of a Crisis (16 pg.) [ Rus ] [ Rom ] [ Frn ] *^
Asking for help: Do you know how? (1 pg.) [ Rus ]* [ Ukr ] [ Frn ]* [ Tur ] [Ara]
Helping children understand frightening events (2 pg.) [ Rus ] [ Ukr ] [ Frn ]* [ Tur ] [Ara] – NEW
Helping Others Calm an Acute Stress Response (1 pg.) [ Rus ] [ Ukr ] [ Rom ] [ Frn ]*^ [Ara]
Leadership Stress Management (1 pg.) [ Ukr ] [ Frn ]*^

IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings * – a comprehensive systems-wide approach to disaster managment – content and translation provided by the source organization [ Eng ] [ Ara ] [ Rus] [ Tur ] [ Ukr ]

Care for volunteers (72 pg.) [ Eng*] Ukr ] [Ara*Rus* ] – a helpful resource to create a structured approach to caring for those in the front line dealing with stress and trauma. An essential element of sustainable response. Covering PFA and Peer Support basics.

PFA: Tips for adults (2 pg.) Rus ]
SPR: Appendix C (6 pg.) Ukr ]
SPR: Appendix D (30 pg.) Ukr ]
Psychological First Aid and Field Deployment Basics (41 pg.) [ Eng ] Ukr ] – general introductory slide deck discussing Psychological First Aid, Skills for Psychological Recovery as well as Risk Communication Basics. A good place to start to familiarize yourself with common scope of work in disasters.
Risk Communication Basics (26 pg.) [ Eng ] [ Ukr 
Self-care action list (3 pg.) Rus Ukr ] [ Rom ] [ Frn ]* [Tur] [Ara]

* – Partner-translated
^ – Clinical review pending