Documents Translated by LoC

CDC Crisis and Risk Communication Manual – a comprehensive guide to effective communication in disasters. [ Eng ]
Click here on our dedicated CDC CERC Subpage – we are continuously working to complete this essential toolkit in part or in full in as many languages as possible. Given our mission to help the messaging to get through to those in need, CERC manual is an essential tool we’d like to make available to as many communities as possible.
Asking for help: Do you know how? (1 pg.) [ Rus ]* [ Ukr ] [ Frn ]* [ Tur ] [Ara]
Helping children understand frightening events (2 pg.) [ Rus ] [ Ukr ] [ Frn ]* [ Tur ] [Ara] – NEW
Helping Others Calm an Acute Stress Response (1 pg.) [ Rus ] [ Ukr ] [ Rom ] [ Frn ]*^ [Ara]
Leadership Stress Management (1 pg.) [ Ukr ] [ Frn ]*^

Facing your feelings workbook

Understanding distress intolerance (12 pp.) [ Ukr ]* 
Accepting distress (10 pp.) [ Ukr ]*
Improving distress (15 pp.) [ Ukr ]*
Tolerating distress (15 pp.) [ Ukr ]*

PFA: Tips for adults (2 pg.) Rus ]
SPR: Field Operations Guide (86 pg.) [Ukr] – NEW
Psychological First Aid and Field Deployment Basics (41 pg.) [ Eng ] Ukr ] [Ara] – general introductory slide deck discussing Psychological First Aid, Skills for Psychological Recovery as well as Risk Communication Basics. A good place to start to familiarize yourself with common scope of work in disasters.
Refugee PFA Webinar (125 pg.) [Eng]  [Ukr] – NEW
Risk Communication Basics (26 pg.) [ Eng ] [ Ukr 
Self-care action list (3 pg.) Rus Ukr ] [ Rom ] [ Frn ]* [Tur] [Ara]

* – Partner-translated – we found a good translation and are listing it here for ease of access.
^ – Our clinicians review the final documents for accuracy. This one is still pending.

Essential Content Useful in Disasters (from other organizations)

1stA2T Guideline [Eng] [Ukr] – is a free chatbot that aims to “translate” the contemporary knowledge into practical and doable recommendations as it takes into account technical advances on one hand and the current nature of terror attack on the other. The idea was to create a guideline focusing on preparation towards and recommendations for what should (and should not) be done in the first hours, days, week and month after an exposure to traumatic event (and more specifically, terror attack). Content is provided and hosted by “First Aid To Terror.”

IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings * – a comprehensive systems-wide approach to disaster managment – content and translation provided and hosted by the IASC [ Eng ] [ Ara ] [ Rus] [ Tur ] [ Ukr ]

Care for volunteers (72 pg.) [ Eng*] Ukr ] [Ara*Rus* ] – a helpful resource to create a structured approach to caring for those in the front line dealing with stress and trauma. An essential element of sustainable response. Covering PFA and Peer Support basics.

Turkiye and Syria Earthquake Assistance

In response to the recent earthquake in Türkiye and Syria Languages of Care has been working to produce a set of documents that might be helpful to be used after a disaster of such scale and nature. Many of the same documents are included above but on this page you can find content grouped together to expedite deployment. 

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