Events in Israel

Once again, it feels like the pace of war is outstripping any chance for bridge making and peace. Just days ago, we’ve been engaged in conversations with our Israeli colleagues about identifying readily available Arabic language content we could provide to all those impacted by recent disasters in the Middle East. Today, we are watching in horror the events unfolding on the ground in Israel itself, with innocent civilians being indiscriminately killed by the Hamas militants. We pledge to keep trying to do all we can to decrease human suffering no matter the cause, no matter the language – and now Israel needs our support. We are looking for Hebrew, Russian, Arabic content to help relief organizations in Israel deal with the devastation and assist Israeli citizens of diverse backgrounds survive and recover after these terrorist attacks.

We will be listing useful resources for mental health providers here.

If you are looking for an organizations to support – please consider one of our partners – Early Starters International. They are working on the ground in Israel providing safe spaces for kids of evacuated families – same work they have been doing around the world since 2017 – including Ukraine, Haiti, Ethiopia and others. They are partnering with AJEEC – NISPED, organization focused on intercultural dialogue – all donations can be made through the following link. Please choose the project Emergency Early Childhood Safe Spaces for children in Israel in the drop down.

Alternatively, direct medical relief services in Israel – United Hatzalah.

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