Turkey and Syria Earthquake – Building A Response

We, as so many, are heartbroken by the news coming out of Turkey and Syria in the last 24 hours. We are looking for any leads on the ground to help us guide the most appropriate engagement and response. We have also started to identify culturally and linguistically appropriate volunteers to help guide the content and ways we can assist the responders and survivors of this tragedy. Please find our Earthquake Response Materials page here.

Please, contact us if you are interested in helping directly in translation of mental health materials or fundraising to support this effort. We are partnering with the Respond Crisis Translate Team to get our core content translated and available as soon as possible. You can see the type of documents we will be focusing on here.

Dr. Sander Koyfman on behalf of Languages of Care Team

Update: Here are couple of useful links for the family members in the United States – “Disaster Distress Helpline one-page summary of information and resources is available in Turkish (attached and can be shared/downloaded @ http://bit.ly/3Y7cV5f) and Arabic (http://bit.ly/3HEPEAA) for anyone in the U.S. experiencing distress related to the devastating earthquakes in Turkey, that has also impacted neighboring countries including Syria and Lebanon.

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