Work Continuing – updates

What is happening this week

  • We are continuing to onboard Turkish and Arabic speakers to help us go through essential content adding them to our Trello content boards.
  • We are focusing on translation of the Skills for Psychological Recovery Manual as requested by Medglobal to support their work in the field. This content will be of particular use in weeks and months to come.
  • We are preparing to receive the first batch of translated “starter” materials as listed on our “Earthquake” page for final review – will let you know immediately as received 
  • We will be embarking on rearrangement of the Document library to help pick materials by days and weeks following an impact to make it more manageable for responders just arriving to our website
  • Lastly – we continue to Fundraise. Every $90 can help us get essential content out – please spread the word and support our work!

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